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The Continued Story

BREAKING NEWS: I guess this entire entry would qualify as a breaking news itself since it's been a while I blog lol.

Dear Girlfriend,

It has been 3 years (yeah yeah go on with your rant "It should be more than 3 years!") since we started dating.

When we celebrated our first anniversary in 2008, we commented how it is possible for us to last a year. And now, we are still asking the damn question after 2 years.

You should have more faith in us, and me. You can start doing that by get naked. :p

I hope you really love the picnic I prepared for you.

And considering I'm working right now and not as free as last time, for me to rush back to Ipoh the previous night and prepare a picnic basket just a couple hours before we supposed to meet up was a miracle work indeed. I am like the Chinese Jesus. :\

Of course, it wasn't without the help of family and friends. Remember to thank The Mother and Chia Yin, for assembling the ingredients for me in Ipoh. Remember to thank The Sister too, for she had to become my lab mouse in PJ to taste the horrible food I made. Well, someone had to. :|

Despite I had help, preparing for the picnic wasn't as easy as the goddamn picture looks like. But I'm not complaining.

Nothing like a picnic to strengthen our romance, eh? And perhaps increase my chance to get laid if I might add

I may not be the most Loh Mun Tik boyfriend, but at least I try to be.

In response to the pillow you sewed to me, je t'aime aussi. :3

Your Boyfriend

Camera Never Lies

It all happened spontaneously, but I think it's time for me to rethink about my sexual preference.

Note my hand's placement.

Footnote: A very happy birthday to the guy I just molested not once, but thrice.

How Not to Bat

BREAKING NEWS: We are only 19 days into the new year and I'm already so busy. Hate to think of the remaining 346 days. :|

Before 2009 came to an end, The Brother and I went to play baseball at One Utama.

There's no special occasion, just that I decided to try the real thing after I got bored of bullying anyone who dared to step up to the plate and challenge me in Wii Baseball. >D

Take the most recent match.

My horny-looking Mii absolutely crushed my cousin's Mii. *cue evil laughter*

I'm basically the Barry Bonds of Wii.

"Alright, alright, enough with the narcissism. Show us you can do that in real-life too!"

I bet that's what you're thinking. Don't worry, no offense is taken. As a geek myself, I tend to get that comment a lot to the extent I am immune to it.

Quite sad, eh?

But like always, I will show you that it's wrong to think that I am just another obese guy who sits at home doing nothing but eat KFC while watch another episode of How I Met Your Mother which he obtained through a mean which may or may not be illegal in certain countries.

Watch the following video.

So how? Am I good, or am I good? XD

Now all I have to do is wait for the Malaysian All-Star League Baseball to give me a call (yes, we do have one). Any minute now.

My Graduation

BREAKING NEWS: *Look at his* *Look at mine* I'm ashamed of myself.

On the 22nd of December, I was officially graduated from UniSA.

But I didn't go for the graduation ceremony (the picture was taken back in 2008, if you're wondering). Instead, I'm pretty sure I was still sleeping on my bed in Ipoh when the ceremony was held.

There isn't any conspiracy going on about my absence from my very own graduation. It's very simple. If I did not come back to Malaysia at the first place, I will definitely go to it. But the problem is I did come back. Factoring the time and money potentially spent, it's just not worthwhile to purposely fly back to Adelaide just to receive a piece of paper (very important paper though).

Yeah, that's why I did not go. But that doesn't mean I'm happy to miss it.

My former housemates

On a brighter side, my parents did cheer me up. As I graduated, they decided to give me presents. Considering the money they had use to put me through the higher education, giving me gifts seems wrong.

But since they insisted..... :p

From The Mother, I got an iPhone 3GS.

And from The Father, I got a PS3 Slim.

Yeah I'm a lucky son of a bitch with parents who shower me with unconditional money love. Just one question though.

Is it possible for me to restudy and regraduate again until I'm 55? :D


I am back.

Sorry for such a long absence from the blog, but I have been undertaking an important mission of late.

It was to fill up my tummy and rediscover my delicate taste buds. :D



You cannot blame me for taking such a long break from this blog just to eat (and of course, meeting up with friends and relatives). For the past nine months, I have been going through a living hell with the choice of food available in Adelaide. Everything is Western oriented over there (well, duh). It was a truly shocking experience for my tongue who has been eating rice for the past 20 years.

Yes, there was Asian cuisine too in Adelaide as well, but it was an even more shocking experience for my tongue. @.@

Quality Asian food? My big fat ass. It did not exist.

This is an example of how Asian cuisine looks like in Adelaide.

Trust me, it tasted twice as bad as it looked.

But all those are in the past now. The nightmare is over. Now that I have returned to Malaysia.... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ikan bakar!

Chicken wing!

Curry noodle!

Pork noodle!

Duck rice!

*Nom nom nom*

*Nom nom nom nom nom nom*

*Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom*

Note: I did not eat Pizza Hut since I left therefore it qualifies as local cuisine :p


Life is good, eh? :D

I would like to acknowledge other amazing local cuisine too in their great help in ensuring the success of my mission such as tau fu fa, Ipoh's salted chicken, roti canai, nasi kandar, nasi lemak, fishball noodle, economic rice, Ramly burger, and many, many more. Without them, I won't be here sitting down and typing this post. :D

While it was great to eat my beloved local cuisine once again to my heart's desire, I forget to take account of an itsy bitsy teenie weenie thing.

I forget about my scale's desire. -_______-||

Infectioner not in Oz

BREAKING NEWS: I am free to go out yumcha with anyone. If you want to, that is. :D

On 14th of November 2009, approximately at 8PM, I arrived home in Malaysia.

After spending 276 days in Adelaide and 5 days in Perth, my stay in Australia is officially over.

Feels so surreal even when I think about it.

It's hard to believe that on 6th of February 2009, I went to Adelaide to do my final year in Bachelor of Arts (Communication & Media Management) in University of South Australia.

And I left just like that. So fast can.

I would be lying if I say I'm not sad about leaving the place. I mean, after all, I did stay there for quite some time. I won't be so heartless and cruel to say I did not grow attached to the place and its lifestyle.

To be honest, I really enjoy my stay in Australia. Throughout my stay in Adelaide, I had nothing but wonderful experiences.

Like when I went for skydiving.

Or when I went flying an aeroplane.

Or when I was KO-ed by my housemates. Not sure how it can be considered as wonderful though. :\

And many more which I did not blog. XD

Besides wasting my parents' hard-earned money, my life in Adelaide become more fun as I also have met some of the most wonderful people in the world.

It's too bad that we don't have more time to get to know more about each other. :(

And how could I forget to mention my housemates? I have always emphasised on how I can never get better housemates than two of them.

I love them so, so much.


You think this is disgusting? Well, you, my friend, haven't see this.


Hmmm... well, I guess that's it. I'm not very good when it comes to translating my feeling into words and writing an emotional post, especially this post with such high magnitude of emotion. Words may fail me, but I truly enjoy and treasure the memories I had in these past 9 months. :)

Goodbye UV Apartment 605.

Goodbye Adelaide.

Goodbye Australia.

Or in Australian slang: see ya later, mate.

Foo. Was here. In Adelaide. :3